Our Guarantees

The costs of removing or abandoning an oil storage tank are significant, as is the potential impact the work has on the landscaping of your property. Bearing these things in mind Cedar Rock offers several guarantees for different aspects of its work so as to give their clients the greatest peace of mind and satisfaction with the work that is done.

Professional Conduct and Integrity Guarantee

Cedar Rock is licensed to offer geological services in North Carolina and Robert A. Payne is a NC licensed geologist. These licenses are required to properly conduct any environmental assessment work associated with leaking oil tanks.

Cedar Rock adheres to the standards of professional ethics and concern for the benefit of its clients. Achieving the required result, as quickly as possible, for our clients is what Cedar Rock strives for.

Practically, this means that Cedar Rock endeavors to properly identify whether or not a problem exists on a particular property. Cedar Rock encourages clients or their agents to be present during initial site inspections so that the findings of contaminated soils etc. can be independently verified. Soil samples will be collected for client use upon requested.

Clients are and welcome to be present during all project work performed by Cedar Rock personnel.

Cedar Rock adheres to the State of North Carolina Laws and Regulations.

Excavation Backfilling Guarantee

Cedar Rock guarantees the back-filling of the pit excavated during the removal of contaminated soils against subsidence due to settling. If settling does occur Cedar Rock will promptly fix the problem at no cost to our client.

Site prior to UST removalSite after UST removal

If there are unusual circumstances with a particular site, the Work Proposal for that project site will cover any details that are relevant to this guarantee and any other landscape, utility etc. issue. In such cases the detail in the Work Proposal overrides anything else.