Site Disclaimer

This site makes available general information about the regulations and requirements relating to soil and groundwater contamination resulting from leakage of petroleum product from storage tanks located under or above ground. This information is provided in good faith to help inform property owners and other responsible parties about handling petroleum leakage. However, this web site should not be relied on in any way to make any decision regarding your personal situation.

Every individual situation may have circumstances which differ and which require different procedures and activities to be employed.

Depending on your situation Cedar Rock may advise alternate courses of action or options for you to consider. Cedar Rock may also consult with the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) in order to determine what the State requires in your particular circumstance. Unforeseen discoveries during actual work may also require variation in the work to be done according to State requirements. This, and many other possible factors, may also affect the cost of the work.

This web site primarily describes the basic work required to abandon or remove a tank in order to satisfy State requirements. Please be aware that in particular cases further work may be required by the State. Such work may involve the installation of a monitoring well and other work. Cedar Rock will advise you of these activities if they become relevant in your situation. Please feel free to request further information as to what may be required in your particular situation.

Any estimation of cost given on this site is only given as a guide to possible costs. Cedar Rock will develop a work proposal which will contain an actual work cost estimate.

A Cedar Rock site inspection is an important first step in deciding upon the best course of action in your case.