Oil Tank Removal - Removal of Potential Liability!

A leaking oil tank is a potential environmental and financial liability. If you are selling or buying an older property Cedar Rock can assist you in determining whether or not an oil tank is present and if it has leaked.

A leaking underground storage tank (UST) containing heating oil or gasoline is potentially a huge liability for the purchaser of a residential property and may cause owners significant difficulties in selling their properties as well as a significant loss of value. The same holds true for an above ground storage tank (AST). Frequently, the removal of a leaking tank and associated contaminated soil is required to satisfy applicable State regulations and lenders concerns.
At times, the State may permit a leaking tank to be abandoned in-place but environmental assessment is still required in these cases. Any environmental assessment must be performed by a NC licensed geologist or engineer.

The cost of underground oil tank removal or abandonment, clean-up and the required environmental assessment of a contaminated site according to State guidelines is significant, not to mention the paperwork and reports that are required. Fortunately, for many property owners, the State of North Carolina currently has a Trust Fund that can greatly assist by meeting much of the cost of the clean-up of contaminated soil following an underground oil tank removal as well as the environmental assessments.

Experienced Oil Tank Removals

Cedar Rock has served the citizens of North Carolina for over 20 years offering AST and UST inspection and removal services and associated environmental cleanup and assessment. Cedar Rock can assess a property by determining if a UST exists (sometimes there is no visible evidence), and if so determine whether or not it has leaked causing significant contamination of the surrounding soils. We can then recommend the best course of action for your situation. Every site is different. Whether the job is small or large, accessible or awkward, Cedar Rock will have appropriate equipment on site to remove the tank with the least possible disturbance of the landscape.

With Cedar Rock you can have peace of mind because we guarantee our work.

To find out more about above ground and underground oil tank removal, the State Trust Fund, State regulations and our services please explore the links to the left.

To schedule a site inspection to check for the presence of an underground oil tank and soil contamination or just to discuss your situation please contact us at 336-376-0394.